Amie Weitzman:
Amie Weitzman has been working in the interior design industry for the past 20 years. Once a fashion and textile designer for Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud, Weitzman transfers her love of clean lines and chic classicism from the runway to the home. “I believe in environments that are incredibly stylish and profoundly functional,” says Weitzman. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Weitzman partnered with Michael Halpern in 2007. “Each room in someone’s house should be modern, crisply-edited and comfortable.  In this sense, what’s left out is as important as what remains.”  Weitzman is also an accomplished painter, experimenting with color and composition, two elements that influence her visionary way of seeing spaces.

Michael Halpern:
Michael Halpern’s diverse career has come full circle with his partnership with Amie Weitzman. The son of an interior designer, Halpern spent his youth accompanying his mother to showrooms and clients’ homes learning the ins and outs of the design business through osmosis. His dual track education at Princeton University of Creative Writing and Art History led him first into the publishing business and then to the entertainment business where he worked in film and television at Warner Bros and HBO in Los Angeles. His transition into the design business came through the suggestions of friends who admired the work he had done in his own homes. His collaboration with Amie Weitzman began in 2007 when he moved back to New York City. Halpern finds his design aesthetic is significantly influenced by his living in California; the light and air, the ease of living, and the romantic, created world of the movies.